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The Importance of Regular Exfoliation for Healthy Skin

Exfoliation is a hot topic. Between 1.7 million #exfoliate posts on Instagram and 1.6 billion views on #exfoliate TikToks, people everywhere search for tips and tricks for perfect skin. 

Sixty-two percent of women follow beauty influencers on social media to stay up-to-date with skincare trends. That being said, your offline clients may still be missing out on the key benefits of exfoliation. In fact, some may be unfamiliar with this process altogether. Exfoliation is the process of removing dead skin cells from the surface of your skin. Although our bodies are naturally meant to shed dead skin every four weeks, our cycles can be imperfect– especially as we age. With the help of exfoliation, we can prevent breakouts, minimize fine lines, improve hydration, and boost blood circulation. 

Whether your clients set up regular consultations or simply turn to their TikTok feed for ideas, dermatologists, aestheticians, and influencers, all agree that exfoliation is a must. However, there is some inconsistency about how we should exfoliate– specifically, how often. Typically, we hear that we should exfoliate “as needed,” but what does that really mean? For some, you may recommend daily, while for others, it could be weekly. This is because different skin types require different levels of care. It may take some time for your clients to find what routine is right for them. 

When introducing your clients to the wonders of exfoliation, balance is key. Although they may be eager to say goodbye to those dry, flaky patches of dead skin, it is important that they pace themselves. Over-exfoliating can be just as damaging to their skin as it can cause a rough, dehydrated look. Over 80% of Americans find that they make at least one mistake in their skincare routine. To help your clients avoid this mistake, encourage them to start off slow, using one product at a time. Based on how their skin responds, they can begin to develop a routine that suits their skin type. 
Exfoliation is a powerful process. When done correctly, it can produce dramatic results both on and below the surface of our skin. Our PowerPeel Exfoliating Body Bar or PowerPeel Glycolic Peel are just two ways to help your clients feel brighter and refreshed throughout the day. Take some time to walk them through their options. Show your clients some love by finding a routine they love.

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