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Company Values


Excellence: Provide high quality products, customer service, training and technical support to the aesthetics industry.

Partner: Value our client’s individual businesses and reinforce that their success is our success.

Quality: Offer the first ever, FDA-approved microdermabrasion equipment with a proven record of longevity, and professional skin care products that yield exceptional results.

Uncompromised Ethics: Conduct all facets of business in an incontrovertible manner with moral fortitude.

Loyalty: Maintain strong, trusting relationships with customers, vendors and employees.

Efficiency and Effectiveness: Administer all goods and services through a trusted, competent distribution system.

Fearless Leadership and Professionalism: Set a standard of uncompromised service and counsel for customers, vendors, employees, and the aesthetics industry.

Integrity and Honesty: Doing the right thing for the right reasons with the right partners.

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