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“My clients ask for the same PowerPeel® treatment every time they come in. They love the results! The UBS staff is friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful. I get my products quickly and correctly. They are the best!”

Rozann Michael

“PowerPeel® Glycolic Peel has made my business. I would not be as successful without it. I love the PowerPeel® microdermabrasion! It opens the pores, smooths the skin, and prepares it for the Glycolic Peel. Also, my clients are thrilled with the Oasis homecare for use with acne.”

Deborah Shelton
Claws Nails & Salon at the Trinity House

“I really enjoy the PowerPeel® Glycolic Peel. It’s a safe and effective way to get your skin where you want it to be.  My clients love the way their skin glows after the peel.  They tell me their skincare products work much better and their faces glow. No downtime involved at all – just great results.”

Adrienne Maas
Merle Norman Cosmetic Studio

“I love using the PowerPeel on my clients and myself.  I have been in the skincare business for 40 years and this is one of our favorite treatments at all of our spas.  I had acne as a young girl and my acne left horrible scars on my cheeks.  I had dermabrasion from a well-known plastic surgeon in 1976, and the treatment helped so much that I was left with very little scaring. Once I opened my first spa in 1981, I was thrilled to know that I could help treat my clients problems with a microdermabrasion machine that was not much different than the one I had.  I purchased my first machine from UBS Aesthetics shorty after.  

My clients love the PowerPeel treatment. I am doing third generations now!  Clients not only love their fresh, glowing complexion after one treatment, but that it helps with their scar tissue, discoloration, and fine lines and wrinkles.  It’s part of our ‘Red Carpet Facial’.  I’ve demonstrated it on national TV several times.  Seeing is believing!”

Veronica Barton-Schwartz
Veronica Skin & Body Care Center- Malibu, CA

“UBS Aesthetics’ customer service is unmatched! I realized I needed immediate help with my PowerPeel® machine and Paul took my call at 9 PM on a Friday night. He was so kind and helpful! We discovered the problem and had the equipment working in time for my Saturday appointments. Thank you, UBS and Paul!”

Danielle G
Danielle Institute Beaute’ – Honolulu, HI