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Leave Peels to the Professionals: Glycolic Peels At Home vs. Professional Experience

Glycolic peel facials have gained popularity in recent years as an effective method to improve the texture and appearance of the skin. Whether done at home or by a professional, these treatments involve the application of glycolic acid, which works to exfoliate the skin and reveal a smoother, more radiant complexion. However, there are several key differences between at-home and professional glycolic peel facials that are essential for clients to consider before taking things into their own hands.

A primary distinction between at-home and professional treatments is the strength of the peel. Professional glycolic peels often utilize higher concentrations of glycolic acids, like PowerPeel® Glycolic Peel Kits, available in 50% and 70% strengths. Higher concentration can lead to more significant results, including improved skin tone, reduced fine lines, and diminished hyperpigmentation. However, higher concentration peels also mean a higher risk of side effects such as redness or peeling, especially if early signs of irritation go overlooked by a non-professional user. At-home products generally contain lower concentrations of glycolic acid, typically between 10% to 30%. These products can still provide noticeable benefits for the skin but will take longer to achieve. 

Customization and expertise are other factors that differentiate at-home and professional glycolic peel facials. During an in-office visit, a professional can assess a client’s skin condition, determine the appropriate strength and duration of the peel, and provide personalized recommendations. Alternatively, at-home products are designed for general use, lacking the customized approach of a professional. While they can still be effective, they may not address a client’s specific needs as effectively as in-office treatments.

Application technique is another aspect that sets in-office and at-home glycolic peels apart. Trained professionals ensure even application, precise timing, and proper acid neutralization to minimize side effects and provide a comfortable, effective facial peel experience. At-home peels require self-application, which can be challenging for those without experience. Patch testing at-home glycolic peels prior to use can help give users an idea of how it will react on the skin, but it’s best to leave it to the professionals. Uneven application or improper handling can lead to inconsistent results and potential side effects that could result in long-term damage to the skin’s barrier and even exacerbate existing skin concerns. 

While at-home glycolic peel facials may offer convenience, it’s crucial for clients to recognize the significant advantages of leaving this skincare treatment to the experts. Encourage your clients to invest in professional care for a brighter, smoother, and rejuvenated complexion that leaves their skin glowing, not irritated.

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