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Glycolic Acid: The Holy Grail of Skincare

Looking for a facial treatment that does it all? Great for combination, dry, normal, and oily skin types, glycolic acid offers a range of benefits that can help anyone achieve their ultimate skincare goals. From reducing fine lines and battling dryness to brightening the skin and fading hyperpigmentation, glycolic acid has you covered if you need an all-in-one treatment. 

Glycolic acid is a master exfoliator and a simultaneous humectant, making it highly effective at reducing fine lines and wrinkles. The acid works by deeply exfoliating the epidermis’s inner layers, triggering skin cell renewal while eliminating dead cells and debris trapped within the skin. Accelerated skin cell renewal increases collagen production while improving the skin’s ability to retain hydration. Due to its humectant properties, glycolic acid bonds with water molecules, locking them into the skin’s barrier and increasing skin elasticity and hydration levels. Together, glycolic acid’s exfoliating and humectant properties are excellent for providing users with a more youthful, smooth-skinned appearance, especially with routine use. 

Its deep exfoliation properties also make it great for helping to brighten and fade hyperpigmentation. By breaking down the bonds between dead skin cells, glycolic acid brightens the skin by revealing the newly generated skin cells hidden underneath. Dark spots, age spots, melasma, and other skin hyperpigmentation are a result of darkened dead skin cells trapped on the surface of the skin. With consistent use, glycolic acid can work to remove those darkened, dead skin cells and fade hyperpigmented skin over time.

Receiving regular in-office facial treatments is the number one way for clients to get the most out of glycolic acid. Glycolic acid peels like our PowerPeel® 50% and 70% Glycolic Peel contain strontium, which helps to minimize discomfort while allowing the acid to penetrate deep into the skin, offering a more intensive exfoliation experience and better, faster results than with low-percentage at-home glycolic acid treatments. Because in-office glycolic acid peels provide a more enhanced exfoliation experience, it’s crucial for clients to follow a regular skin care regimen that includes a moisturizer with AHA such as the Oasis Skin by PowerPeel® Deep Moisturizer. This will help support the acid’s humectant properties by acting as a barrier to prevent the loss of hydration while promoting collagen production.

By receiving regular glycolic acid peels, clients can expedite their progress and reap the benefits of this skincare holy grail. Given its versatility and suitability for all skin types, glycolic acid is a must for any client looking to fight signs of aging and maintain brightened, youthful, radiant skin with minimal effort.

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