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5 lb Aluminum Oxide Microdermabrasion Crystals – 120 grit


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Our crystal is made from aluminum oxide, an inert material manufactured especially for PowerPeel® to our specifications. This crystal, along with the PowerPeel® Microdermabrasion System, was submitted to the FDA in 1993 for 510k clearance. Before receiving that clearance, a dermal toxicity study, demonstrating skin reaction to the treatment with the PowerPeel® using aluminum oxide crystals, was performed by an independent laboratory. It was concluded that dermal treatment with this microdermabrasion system resulted in less skin irritation than with mechanical abrasion.

Some customers, attempting to save money on aluminum oxide, have purchased less expensive, but possibly impure products — which are not always compatible with their machines. The use of non-recommended abrasives may result in damage to the machine that is not covered under warranty, and can also lead to inadequate or uneven abrasion.

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