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Cirépil® Wax Testimonials


“I use Cirépil® because I am guaranteed excellent results and my clients love that they have long lasting results. The wax is easy to use, pulls all hair lengths efficiently and leaves the skin unharmed. Its low temperature means there is no waiting for it to cool down so my services take less time. With the specific formulations, I can provide the best match for my client’s needs, making Cirépil an extension of my skin care services.”

Trisha M., Esthetician, Salon Owner
– San Francisco, California

“I love my Cirépil® wax because it works! The results are always consistent and it’s so easy to use. I’ve actually had new clients come in because they heard I have a wax service that doesn’t hurt!”

Maria S., Esthetician
– Omaha, Nebraska

“I will never work with a different wax again! Cirépil is the best in the business. My sensitive clients are amazed to see their skin look great after a wax. This product proves to be less irritating and less painful for the client so it keeps my clients coming back more regularly!”

Lindsay W., Esthetician Salon Spa Owner
– Manhattan, New York

“We chose Cirépil® for our waxing services based on the quality of the product and the experiences of our staff. As a spa that caters on the high end of our market, we need a product that not only delivers on the service, but also helps us maintain a high profit margin, Cirépil does both. My staff has the confidence knowing the product will perform, and as an owner, I know both the Guest and Spa Operations are always satisfied.”

Larry K., Salon Spa Owner
– Chicago, Illinois

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