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PowerLight™ Testimonials


“I have really enjoyed working with the PowerLight™ LED System. The machine is easy to operate, and the treatment is very easy to perform. There was really no learning curve with this system, as it’s pretty much preprogrammed to the steps of the treatment, as long as the correct button is pressed. I am very excited to continue working with this fabulous new treatment. My customers have really been pleased with their results so far and one client even stated that her skin’s elasticity has continued to improve even after the last treatment in her series of 6. My clients find the treatment itself to be deeply soothing, and relaxing."

Li-Sann Mullings, LE.,
Wellspring Skin Care Clinic – Germantown, MD


“I love my PowerLight™ LED. It allows me to treat clients with varying conditions, all in a painless, soothing way. I love that one system will treat varying conditions such as acne, telangiectasia, rosacea and premature aging effectively and efficiently. I have also used it with great success on burns, stretch marks and the healing surgery wounds. The PowerLight™ LED is the most powerful, effective and versatile tool I have in my treatment room. My clients love that the treatment is painless and not time-consuming. Most of my clients enjoy receiving the PowerLight™ LED therapy as part of a facial. They immediately see softer, dewy skin with fewer wrinkles and less redness. My acne clients appreciate that there is no discomfort to their already sensitized skin."

Ginny Lynne Johnston, LE.,
The Spa Room – Port St. Lucie, FL



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