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Our crystal is made from aluminum oxide, an inert material manufactured especially for PowerPeel® to our specifications. This crystal, along with the PowerPeel® Microdermabrasion System, was submitted to the FDA in 1993 for 510k clearance. Before receiving that clearance, a dermal toxicity study, demonstrating skin reaction to the treatment with the PowerPeel® using aluminum oxide crystals, was performed by an independent laboratory. It was concluded that dermal treatment with this microdermabrasion system resulted in less skin irritation than with mechanical abrasion.

Some customers, attempting to save money on aluminum oxide, have purchased less expensive, but possibly impure products — which are not always compatible with their machines. The use of non-recommended abrasives may result in damage to the machine that is not covered under warranty, and can also lead to inadequate or uneven abrasion.


There is some concern among the general public regarding aluminum risks. About twenty years ago, a few scientific studies loosely linked aluminum to Alzheimer's Disease. While some recommended limiting dietary exposure to aluminum, the concerns mainly focused upon cooking utensils and aluminum in drinking water. The studies turned out to be inconclusive. In fact, scientists have since discovered an enzyme which they believe activates Alzheimer's.

Aluminum can be found in cookware, baking powder, antiperspirants and antacids. Antacids contain the most aluminum of any drug. Despite the widespread use of antacids, no disease has been associated with it.

Aluminum dust is considered a nuisance dust in the workplace. Nuisance dusts are generally not linked with any adverse effects on the lungs or other parts of the body when exposures are kept under reasonable control. There are exposure limits for aluminum oxide, which is mainly a concern in industrial uses.

At UBS Aesthetics, we have always put safety first. We believe that although the treatment is perfectly safe, some crystal may become airborne during treatment, or during the filling and emptying of the crystal containers. While we know of no risks other than those specifically outlined on the MSDS, it is our recommendation that all operators wear a particulate mask during use, especially those who operate the equipment repeatedly and for prolonged periods.

White Aluminum Oxide Crystals

Crystal Form

Rhomobohedral Class

Chemical Nature


Specific Gravity

3.97 g/cm3

Bulk Density

116 lbs/ ft3, (1.56-1.66 g/ cm3)


MOHS-9 | KNOPPS-2000

Melting Point

2,053 degree C

Typical Chemical Analysis







White Aluminum Oxide is graded to ANSI Standards Table 2 or FEPA sized.

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